Beginners Guide to Online Data Privacy – A guide for non-technical folks on taking back your online privacy using a variety of tools. Originally a writing assignment for school, but adapted for the blog. There are some very easy steps you can take in the next few minutes to improve your privacy! How to Register for Classes at UMD – If you are a student at UMD, this has some useful tips on how to navigate the complex writhing mass menagerie of software used for class registration. Bridge DC – A trip I took in summer 2019 to learn how to engage justice issues as a follower of Jesus. Linux! – A description of what Linux is, how it sets you free, and why I love it so much! My Story by Johan Vandegriff – Some silly limericks I wrote for an assignment. Log.e() – Tales from the electron Volts – A myriad of tales recounting the sundry misadventures and swashbuckling excursions as a member of a high (school) society for the construction of automatons and advancement through treacherous tournaments to victory of glory and splendor most dazzling, indeed.